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Photo by Matt Collamer on Unsplash

I’ve never understood
People who have no empathy.
How do you not care what
happens to others around you?

Empathy was a family trait.
A smile and a cheer,
Or a shoulder to cry on,
Were always available.

If a neighbor fell on hard times,
The whole neighborhood
Rallied around them
And pitched in to help out.

Lending a helping hand,
Providing a hot meal,
Offering a comforting hug,
Was just what you did.

When payday was far away,
And everyone was short of funds,
It was easier to stretch a dollar
making one meal feed a crowd.

Rotating days…

Peace Lily
Peace Lily
Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

It hit hard and unexpectedly.
The feeling of loss,
When I realized my plant was gone.

Such a minor thing,
In the much bigger picture
Of the pandemic.

One potted plant
Should not have caused
Me to sob.

My team gave me
The plant
After my father died.

A peace lily, it thrived for years
Despite my black thumb,
Endlessly forgiving.

It was a fighter.
I hadn’t realized how much
My mind had imbued into it.

When the pandemic hit
We were lucky enough to be able
To work mostly from home.

I couldn’t take the plant Home with me…

American Flag
American Flag
Photo by Jonathan Meyer from Pexels

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Photo by Matthew T Rader on Unsplash

Why do some people
Default to the negative?
More than pessimism–
Active antagonism.

Every action must
Have a hidden motive,
Or be deliberately
Meant to spite them.

Every suggestion is
Ridiculous or ignorant
Or purposely difficult
Or impossible.

Questions are deflected
With questions asking
Why you need to know
And what is it to you anyway.

Cooperation is no
Longer a word
In their vocabulary
Or their skillset.

They become so toxic
No one wants to
Work with them
Or even talk to them.

It is easier to avoid the toxicity, The confrontation, The strained conversation, And just do all…

The House on Mass

Random musings from the window seat in The House on Mass.

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